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The American Puritans

“Hawthorne and Melville, unwitting founders of the dark hours of the Art Of The No, knew each other, they were friends, and expressed mutual admiration Hawthorne was also a Puritan, even in his violent reaction to certain aspects of Puritanism. He was also restless. He was never one to go to church but we know that during his years as a recluse he would approach his window and watch those making their way to church and his look is said to have contained a brief history of the Dark Side in the Art of The No. His vision was clouded by the terrible Calvinist doctrine of predestination. This is the side to Hawthorne that so fascinated Melville, who to praise him spoke of the great power of blackness, that nocturnal side that we find in Melville as well."

 -Vila-Matas, Bartleby & Co



Aaron Lake Smith

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