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Journalism and Essays

Gnostic Underground – Commonweal Magazine

We Must Learn To Embrace Populism– Jacobin

Lenin's Bete Noire– American Affairs (online feature)

The Trials of Vasily Grossman– Harper's Magazine

Light in the Donbass Window– Harper's Magazine (online only)

Breitbart for the Left– Jacobin

The Magnets: North Carolina, New York, and the Lost Souls of the I-95 Corridor– The Towner

The Genius and the Laborer: The Troubled Friendship of Maxim Gorky and Leo Tolstoy– Lapham's Quarterly

Specters of 1917—A Week With St. Petersburg's Chto Delat- The Towner

How Dallas's Most Prominent Black Revolutionaries Feel About Micah Johnson- Vice.com

Migrant HellVice Magazine June 2016

Sweden's PEGIDA ProblemThe Towner – May 2016

Sweden's ISIL ProblemAl Jazeera America, February 2016

Getting Back to Basics at a Vermont Primitivist SchoolVice, May 2015 issue

"Avenge Kronstadt": A Marxists vs. Anarchists Fundraiser Fight Night in OaklandGrantland

Huey Does DallasVICE print-January 2015

I Spent Election Day Getting Out the Vote With These Cosmo Male ModelsVICE online

Riding the Dirty Dog: A Love Song to the Greyhound UnderworldVICE print-Scammers Issue

Raising a Stink About Spreading Sewage SludgeAl Jazeera America, in Partnership with the Nation Investigative Fund

The New Roma Ghettos: Slovakia's Ongoing Segregation NightmareVICE

Essay on Peter Dimock and "George Anderson: Notes for a Love Song in Imperial Time"The American Reader

The Czechs of MontaukVICE

Protestant Work EthicThe American Reader

Only the Good Die YoungVice–November 2012

Death of The American HoboVice October 2012

Dispatch from the Democratic National ConventionVice

Ryszard Kapuscinski: A Life by Artur DomoslawskiBookforum online

Chumbawamba's Long VoyageJacobin Magazine

Life Cage: Some Notes On the MillennialsVice

Meet My Grandpa: A Visit to Elkin, NCVice

Interview with Chris R. Morgan, publisher of Biopsy MagazineVice

Outdoor BookstoreIndependent Weekly

Slacker at Twentyn + 1 Film Review

10 Best New Restaurants–Raleigh, NC Ashley Christensen Mini-EmpireGQ Magazine 2012

Peeling OniontownVice

Body-Checked By a BeepUtne Reader

Pre-Occupy–Notes on Zucotti Park The Smart Set

What Constitutes Terrorism?Indy Weekly (RDU)

Flower Cutter They Magazine #3

Dispatch from a Dying Borders Bookforum

The Book of Jobn + 1

The Armory ShowIdiom Magazine

Interview with Luc SanteThe Rumpus

It's Morning In Griftopia: An Interview with Matt Taibbi GQ

Steve Albini Interview on The Future of Radio and Why He Wants GQ To Fail GQ

TEN DAWNS(Fiction) Evergreen Review

Sauntering Down the Tracks (Cuban Trains Travel Piece) Newsweek

Why Christopher Hitchens Doesn't Matter The Rumpus

Chinatown's Long Tendrils: Bargain Buses Reach the MississippiThe New York Observer

Cometbus #52: The Spirit of St. Louis–Essay/ReviewThe Rumpus

Vive Le Tarnac 9! The French Tradition of Brainy Sabotage Lives OnVICE Magazine, April 2010

Corporate Court Acting in Secret, Citizens Locked OutAlternet

One Night in Christania N + 1

The Social Networking JobTruthout.org

Jason Diamond reviews 'Unemployment' The Rumpus

Among the Believers – Nonfiction The Abu Dhabi Review

Postcard from Cairo, ILTIME Magazine

Interview with Sam Mcpheeters(Born Against) on Economic CollapseVol 1. Brooklyn

The Maw – FictionEpilogue Magazine

Warm Womb-Fiction3:AM Magazine

Judith Malina and the Anarchist Provo Evergreen Review 2009

NYU Occupation Media Round-upArthur Magazine 2009

Shoe Heard Round the World Truthout December 2008

Spruced Up, but some prefer ScruffyNew York Times October 2008

Interview with Phil Elverum of Mount EerieBrooklyn Rail October 2008