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Jacob Frey’s Tears

What an amazing moment. Affluent white liberals can’t stop themselves from desperately seeking the approval of BLM. As I’ve written elsewhere, we are at a strange moment where tryhard liberals have decided that they need to win over whatever is the most zealous, unwinnable group, at this point, the farthest sect within BLM. The more the anarchists shun attention and the light ("What we do is secret"), the more the liberals feel the urge to venture in and discover them—pure negging quality, pure obscurantism—they need the approval of those mysterious anarchists, those they've decided represent The-Most-Righteous-And-Most-True. So they donate massive sums of money. They read all the books. They cave to every demand, whether it makes sense or not. Frey was booed when he wandered into a BLM protest. Now he cries but what is he crying from, true empathy for others or his own career? The politician needs absolution from his sins—he needs Greta Thunberg, the anarchists, he needs the pure and the good good—he doesn't need boring old "social democratic" healthcare. It reminds you of the boring, bad old days, the Cold War, the screaming hammer-and-sickle beret person on the campus. The politicians seem so very-lost and out of their depth. They keep upping the ante and will now do or say anything (even if they consciously don’t know whether or not they mean what they’re doing, or if its performative) in order to appear on the “right side of history.”

The more late coming, the more zealous and radical—as if to make up for the previous tenuousness and hesitation. (This is why so many people who were moderate or liberal suddenly seem to reinvent themselves, coming out of nowhere swinging).


Aaron Lake Smith